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University of Minnesota
alented Youth
Mathematics Program

(pronounced "um-tee-ump")
is an accelerated program for students who are highly talented in mathematics. Although there are many math programs throughout the country, UMTYMP is unique in terms of the number of students, length of the program, scope of the curriculum, and the granting of honors level college credit to students in middle- and high-school.

UMTYMP Entrance Exams 2017

UMTYMP Entrance Exams occur in the Spring for the following school year.

The Registration for the Exam Prep and Early Exam (offered in February) and the Regular Entrance Exam (offered in April & May) is available here.

Detailed information about testing can be found on the
Testing Q & A page.

In order to complete this registration a portion of it must be completed by the student so make sure that they are available at the time of application.

Registration is open until all seats are filled. The registration is not complete until a check is received by our office.

UMTYMP provides a challenging alternative for Minnesota’s talented mathematics students in grades 6-12. The highly accelerated courses are specially designed to provide these students with an intense academic experience that will stimulate their mathematical interest and abilities. The program, offered through the University of Minnesota School of Mathematics Center for Educational Programs (MathCEP), is partially supported by an appropriation from the State of Minnesota. Students currently in grades 5-7 are identified and recommended by their schools as eligible for entering UMTYMP at the Algebra level.

These students may then register to take the UMTYMP Algebra Qualifying Examination. Nearly 900 students test annually in March/April. In 2015-16, UMTYMP enrolled over 600 students in 34 classes—15 high school level and 19 college level classes.

The program has two components. The two-year high school component covers 4 years of high school mathematic content areas (Algebra I/II, Geometry, and Mathematical Analysis). The courses stress critical problem-solving skills and comprehension of important concepts. Each two-hour UMTYMP class covers the equivalent of about three weeks of regular high school mathematics content. Successful students achieve the high school grades 11-12 Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Geometry standards (MN Department of Education Academic Standards). The 3-year calculus component allows students to complete up to 16 semester credits of honors level college calculus, covering single- and multi-variable calculus, differential equations and linear algebra. Faculty members carefully develop, teach, and monitor the UMTYMP calculus curricula, syllabi, assignments and examinations, and students receive University of Minnesota credit for the calculus courses. Each UMTYMP high school course (4 possible) and each full year of UMTYMP Calculus (3 possible) that is successfully completed is equivalent to one full year of high school credit.

Each of the five years of UMTYMP is a 38-week sequence held during the academic year. During this time, UMTYMP participants attend a two-hour class once or twice a week after school. Students actively participate in class discussions and have close contact with exceptional teachers, and present their discoveries to peers with similar mathematical interests. Participants also spend an additional 8-10 hours a week working independently on UMTYMP homework.

In addition to UMTYMP courses, MathCEP offers enrichment programs during the school year and summer for students in grades 4-12. Each year hundreds of students learn and enjoy mathematics, gain information about educational and career goals, and build positive relationships with role models in science, engineering, and mathematics.


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