UMTYMP Handbook: Study Sessions & Additional Resources

UMTYMP has a variety of resources available to students who need extra help outside of class to learn a concept, finish a homework problem or study for an exam:

  • Instructors and TAs share email and/or phone numbers with students so they can be contacted with questions.  Certain hours of the week may be designated as “office hours,” especially for phone calls.  Please respect those schedules.
  • Students can post questions on their course’s Moodle website forum and get responses from other students and instructors.
  • Students may come to campus for in-person study sessions, which are described below. 

Study Sessions

Our instructional staff offers study sessions throughout the semester.  The location of and dates for study sessions will be given to students at the beginning of each semester.  On those scheduled dates, study sessions are held from 4:00-6:00pm.

Students who plan to attend but know they will arrive late (after 4:30pm), should call the UMTYMP office (612-625-2861) before 4:00pm on the day of the study session.  We need to inform the Teaching Assistant or Workshop Leader of their late arrival.  If no students are present at 4:30pm, and the TA or Workshop Leader has not been notified to expect late students, the TA or Workshop Leader may leave.  (This is very rare, especially for Calculus I-III.)

Study sessions are for all students. Students may ask general or theoretical questions as well as homework questions.  The ideal approach to a study session is to consider it a cooperative learning effort. Do as much of your homework as you can prior to the session.  You may then request assistance at the study session with problems that were difficult or unclear, or share information with your peers.  For many students, study session attendance greatly enhances comprehension and improves grades.  All students can benefit and are encouraged to attend regularly.


UMTYMP does not maintain a list of tutors and does not endorse any particular tutor or tutoring service.  When families contact us about tutoring for a student struggling in an UMTYMP class, we nearly always find it is a student who is not taking advantage of the resources described above: not contacting instructors or TAs for help, not posting on Moodle, and not attending study sessions.  We therefore highly encourage students and families to make use of those resources which are already available to them at no extra cost before considering a tutor.  Our instructors and TAs are also better situated to give help specifically for UMTYMP courses.

Please keep the following points in mind regarding tutors:

  • Students should find our courses challenging and difficult and may struggle at times.  However, if a student can only achieve a passing grade in UMTYMP with the continual assistance of an outside tutor, it may be worth discussing with our staff whether or not UMTYMP is an appropriate program for them.
  • There are many fantastic tutors in the Twin Cities area, including some who have been involved with UMTYMP in the past.  However, families should always be careful to verify any credentials.  We have seen instances of advertisements which exaggerate a tutor’s connections to UMTYMP: “former UMTYMP” students who were in the program for a few semesters – or of whom we have no records; former clerical staff who advertise themselves as previous members of our instructional team; and so on.
  • UMTYMP instructional staff cannot accept extra payments for “extra instruction” outside of class; we are already paid to teach our students and an additional tutoring arrangement would be unethical.