UMTYMP Handbook: Rules & Classroom Behavior

UMTYMP supports activities that enhance and enrich classroom instruction and expects all students to behave maturely and responsibly.  The following rules of conduct outline the Program’s expectations.  UMTYMP faculty, workshop leaders, and teaching assistants will immediately report all violations of the conduct rules to the UMTYMP administration.  UMTYMP refers students engaged in unacceptable behavior to an UMTYMP administrator assigned to handle guidance, counseling and behavioral matters.  The administrator will place the student on probation and monitor his/her behavior.  If a student continues displaying unacceptable behavior, we will dismiss him/her from UMTYMP.

  1. We will not permit threats to, physical abuse of, physical aggression toward, or harassment of UMTYMP staff, students, and/or faculty.  We will immediately dismiss from UMTYMP any student engaging in such behavior.Students will demonstrate respect in words and actions to other students, staff, and faculty.  Instructors will not tolerate disruptive or disorderly behaviors that interfere with classroom instruction and/or the educational activities of UMTYMP.
  2. Students will not cheat or misrepresent their work.  This includes submitting an examination or assignment that is not a student’s own work, and/or aiding and abetting another student in an act of scholastic dishonesty.  Scholastic dishonesty is defined as “the violation of rules under which an examination is given or homework is assigned.” While we encourage students to collaborate on assignments, homework should reflect a student’s own thoughts and ideas and be in his/her own words.
  3. Students will arrive to class, and return from breaks, on time.
  4. During breaks, students will demonstrate responsible behavior.  Running in halls, unnecessary use of the elevator, throwing debris and food, spraying water, spilling pop on floors, screaming and disrupting other classes, damage to, theft, destruction of, or unauthorized use or possession of property belonging to the University are NOT tolerated.
  5. Students must dispose of food or beverage debris in wastebaskets.  If students abuse the privilege of bringing food into classrooms, we will revoke the privilege.

Please Note:

UMTYMP students in the Calculus component are registered as University students and as such are also required to follow the Standards of Student Conduct of the University of Minnesota.