UMTYMP Handbook: General Policies and Procedures

Program Contacts

Parents with questions, comments, or concerns may contact the UMTYMP office directly by emailing or by calling 612-625-2861.

Students will be given contact information for their Instructor and Teaching Assistant at the beginning of each semester.  Please retain this information for your student’s use.

Student Attendance

Our face-to-face time with students is limited in UMTYMP, making each hour of class very valuable.  Attendance is critical to success in UMTYMP, and missing any class sessions greatly reduces student success rates. Repeated absences may be grounds for dismissal from the program.  To reflect the importance of being in class, class participation counts for 10% of your final course grade.  Excused absences, such as observance of religious holidays, will not decrease your participation score.

Students who miss class for any reason are required to notify us prior to the date of absence.  If a student is ill, please report the absence before the start of class.

If a student is absent, you must make arrangements to turn in homework or reschedule exams, as appropriate. Makeup exams must be taken before the scheduled exam time, and be arranged two weeks prior to the absence.  In the case of sudden illness, a doctor’s note is required before the exam can be made up.  This is University policy.

Calculus I-III courses run on multiple days; for example, a student might attend Calculus I on Wednesdays, or on Thursdays.  If a student has a one-time conflict on their regular UMTYMP day, it may be possible to attend class on the other day during that week.  This option is for occasional use only, and should not be used on a regular basis.

To report an absence or request a one-time switch from one day to another, please follow the appropriate link on the MathCEP homepage ( to submit the information online, or contact us at or 612-625-2861.  To arrange an alternate time for an exam, please contact us; do not use the online form.


Textbook information can be found at on this webpage.

The cost of UMTYMP textbooks is included in the Program fees; we negotiate a volume discount with the publishers and pass the books on at cost.  If you plan to provide your own textbook rather than purchase one through UMTYMP, you may email no later than July 15 to let us know of your plans and confirm that you can purchase the book on your own.  (Some of our textbooks are not publicly available.)  Emails any later than this will not be accepted, and no reduction in fees will be issued.

Calculators & Supplies

Students should bring blank paper and functioning pencils and erasers to class each week.  A folder for any handouts is also useful.

Calculators (all levels)

UMTYMP students are no longer required to purchase a graphing calculator, but must have an “equivalent” device for calculations.

Students should bring this device to every class and be ready to do computations as directed by their instructor. 

A scientific calculator with trigonometric functions will suffice; in some semesters functions to compute combinations and permutations (e.g. nCr and nPr buttons) could be helpful.  Common choices cost less than $15 and include the Casio fx-300ES Plus, TI-30XS, or an equivalent.  Students can also use a personal or school-issued tablet or Chromebook with GeoGebra or Desmos installed.  Before making any purchases for UMTYMP, you may wish to consult with your school to see if a certain device is required for science courses.


During the geometry course in the second year of the program, students will need a straightedge, compass, protractor, and graph paper.

Snow Day Procedures

If UMTYMP class is cancelled due to inclement weather, notice will be posted on our main website,  We generally try to make up missed classes very quickly.  Notification of when classes are to be made up will also be listed on the main website.

UMTYMP classes will not meet if closings occur at either the University of Minnesota, or a majority of metro area schools. PLEASE NOTE: if metro area schools close due to extreme weather in the morning, but conditions have improved by the afternoon, we may still hold class.

If severe weather in your area makes travel hazardous (but UMTYMP has not been officially cancelled), please use discretion regarding class attendance.  If you decide your child cannot attend class due to the weather, please make sure to follow our homework guidelines, and call the office to report the absence. 

Withdrawal from UMTYMP

We understand that occasionally a student is not able to continue in UMTYMP.  We want students to succeed in their mathematics education and will work with families to figure out the best way forward for students who are leaving the program.  If a student plans to withdraw from UMTYMP at any time during the academic year, parents must send written documentation of the student’s withdrawal to the UMTYMP office. UMTYMP may also request a parent conference prior to the student’s withdrawal.

Lost & Found

Students are responsible for their personal possessions.  UMTYMP uses a variety of classrooms in several University buildings.  Items left behind, especially books and calculators, are not always retrievable—even the next morning.

If a student or instructor finds an item during or after an UMTYMP class, they may be brought to the UMTYMP office (Vincent Hall, Room 4) lost & found box.

Individualized Education Plans

UMTYMP attempts to make reasonable accommodations for all students with special needs.  Parents should be aware that University guidelines and regulations related to special needs often differ from what can be expected at a student’s regular school.  UMTYMP is bound by University policies and works closely with the University’s Disability Resource Center to determine what accommodations are available and appropriate.

If your student has an IEP you should contact the UMTYMP office well before the semester starts so that there is time to make any arrangements.  In many cases our staff will refer you to the University’s Disability Resource Center, which may require documentation of your student’s special needs before approving accommodations.

Food & Health Concerns

Because our classes take place in the late afternoon, many students bring snacks to class.  This is generally fine, as long as students clean up after themselves and do not cause a distraction for the rest of the class. 

Allergies and Health Concerns

Please notify us as soon as possible of any health concerns which the UMTYMP staff should be aware of—for example, any allergies which could be triggered by food in the classroom.