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Summer Mathematics Institute

Connecting High School Math to College and Careers

Part of the Toyota-RIT Applied Math Inititive (TAMI)

The University of Minnesota is pleased to offer a Summer Mathematics Institute for secondary mathematics teachers as part of the Toyota-RIT Applied Math Initiative (TAMI).

Since 2008, this program has run workshops for mathematics teachers interested in learning how high school math is applied in professions, and how high school math forms the basis for college curricula. In 2015, our institute will take place on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus from Monday, 7/13/15 through Thursday, 7/16/15.

TAMI workshops address these two themes—high school math in college and high school math as applied in professions—through discussions, presentations and interactive workshops aimed at high school teachers, including:

  • Sessions in which experienced professionals discuss how they use high school mathematics in their professions.

  • Sessions in which young professionals and students discuss their educational experiences, the nature and development of their young careers, and their uses of high school mathematics professionally.

  • Sessions in which college professors discuss how high school mathematics forms a basis for college courses.


View the list of 2015 speakers. You can view a complete list of speakers from the RIT Summer Math Institute.

There is also a page with links and resources used by this year's speakers.

Registration and Program Details

The Summer Math Institute will take place on the University of Minnesota campus for four full days (morning and afternoon) on 6/15/15-6/18/15. Lunch, refreshments and parking will be provided for participants.

To register, fill out this form online. Our goal is to accommodate all applications. If there are any issues we will contact you as soon as possible.

Note: Although the program focuses on high school mathematics, middle school teachers are always welcome to apply!

This program is a collaboration between three centers at the University of Minneosta, drawing on decades of experience with connections between mathematics and industry, and with leading professional development programs for teachers:

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