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MathCEP is dedicated to educational outreach. Its mission is to develop and administer educational programs in mathematics for K-12 students and preservice/inservice teachers.

Information about UMTYMP Calculus

On Thursday, 3/2/17, Professor Rogness met with Math Analysis students and families to talk about the differences between UMTYMP Calculus and other options.  You can download an expanded version of that presentation.

UMTYMP Qualifying Exam

See our How to Join UMTYMP page for details and registration forms.

In the Twin Cities, the UMTYMP Exam Prep (Practice Exam) will be on February 11, from 9:30am-noon. Students who attend that session are also registered for one of the early exams, on February 18; testing times are 9:30am, 11:00am or 12:30pm. The regular qualifying exams will be held on:

  • April 8 (9:30, 11:00am, or 12:30pm),
  • April 19 (7:00pm), and
  • April 22 (9:30, 11:00am, or 12:30pm).

In Rochester, the exam preparation is April 15 (9:30-noon) and the exam will be on April 22 (9:00am or 11:00am).

In Duluth, the exam preparation is April 29 (9:30-noon) and the exam will be on May 4 (7:00pm) and May 6 (9:00am or 11:00am).

The exam to qualify for UMTYMP Calculus will be held on May 16, 2017.  Students must have completed the high school math curriculum (through PreCalculus) by the end of the 2016-17 school year, and be in tenth grade or younger.

Enrichment Programs 2016-17

Enrollment is now closed for our Saturday Enrichment Programs for students in grades 5-7. Registration for 2017-18 programs will open by August.

Summer 2017 programs will be announced by the first week of March.  Check back for details!

Undergraduate Math Journal

Many UMTYMP students and alumni work on research projects as undergraduates, or even while still in high school. MathCEP has collaborated with the Math Department and the Institute for Math and its Applications to create a new journal where undergraduates around the country can publish their work: the Minnesota Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics.


Current students: click here for schedules, links to Moodle and Webwork, information about letters of recommendation, report absences, schedule makeup exams, and more.

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